Weird festivals – Kanamara Matsuri

The legends says there used to live a beautiful girl who accidentally enchanted a sharp-toothed demon. He became so obsessed with her that he couldn’t bear a thought of her with another man. Thus, he hid himself in her vagina and when the girl was about to lie down with her husband-to-be, the demon bit Přečíst si víc oWeird festivals – Kanamara Matsuri[…]

Scary stories

Scary stories Edit – extended article for those who are coming from Instagram – scroll down and you will find even more monsters and spirits! Known as KAIDAN (怪談), Japanese horror or ghost stories, have been giving some nice goosebumps over centuries already. The word consists of two kanji 怪 (kai) meaning „strange, mysterious, rare, Přečíst si víc oScary stories[…]

Introducing yourself

Within a few minutes you will be able to introduce yourself in Japanese, isn’t that awesome! Let’s start! Hajimemashite Watashi wa Nera desu. Cheko kara kimashita. Dubai ni sunde imasu. Nihongo ga daisuki desu. Dōzo yoroshiku (onegaishimasu). Greetings! I am Nela. I am from the Czech Republic. I live in Dubai. I love Japanese. Pleasure Přečíst si víc oIntroducing yourself[…]

Written Japanese

How to describe something as complicated as Japanese system of writing in simple words? Let us start with this – Japanese does not have ONE but TWO alphabets – hiragana and katakana. And mastering these should be considered as a gentle wam-up before the life-term marathon called kanji. Why the hell someone needs two alphabets Přečíst si víc oWritten Japanese[…]