11. 2. 2018

Czech Republic


Welcome to 言GENGO言 Language School, where „gengo“ 言語 stands for „language“ in Japanese.

Established in 2011, currently in Benesov and Prague in the Czech Republic, as well as in Dubai in United Arab Emirates since 2017, the language school provides wide range of teaching methods in accordance with client’s wishes and needs.

  • Email address: info@gengo.cz
  • Phone number: +420 604 125 378
  • WhatsApp: +420 721 507 556

All tuition fees are to be paid via bank transfer to our bank account. In the moment we get the confirmation of your language course request the bank transfer details are sent on your email address automatically. All prices below are in CZK.


Based on entrance test results or personal interview you are placed into a particular online course of its level, attend the lessons with other students. We guarantee a small number of students in a classroom, pre-set content and progressive speed of the lessons. One 60-min lesson every week during 16-week-term.

GROUP COURSES Standard price Early-Birdie price (tuition fee paid during the 1st month of the course)
English 4 690,- 4 490,-
Spanish 4 690,- 4 490,-
Japanese 4 690,- 4 490,-
Czech 4 690,- 4 490,-


Manage the speed, intensity and content of the lessons on your own – whether you prefer to come and study in our classrooms or stay home, our teachers are there for you. We usually recommend 45-min lessons to children and younger students, 60-min lessons to clients with standard needs and 90-min lessons to those highly dedicated and passionate ones.

INDIVIDUAL LESSONS 45 min 60 min 90 min
English 750,- 900,- 1300,-
Spanish 750,- 900,- 1300,-
Japanese 750,- 900,- 1300,-
Czech 750,- 900,- 1300,-